Resources & Publications

The Arizona School Health Guidelines Manual for Registered Nurses is a good resource book that can be very valuable in your health office.  The Manual and updates are available to school nurses for a nominal fee.  Below is a list of books recommended as resources for school health professionals.

Two very important resources to school health office personnel are the Arizona School Health Annual Report (ASHAR) and the Child Health Indicator Program (CHIP).   Please note that the ASHAR forms have a new destination address. 

The Arizona School Nurse Consortium supports all school nurses joining and becoming involved with their professional organizations.

Agencies/Resources have been included for your use.  If you know of other agencies/resources that you would like to see on our website, then contact us.

All school health office personnel are encouraged to continue their education.  School nurse certification classes maybe available at some of the state universities and community colleges. 

Manual of School Health: A Handbook for School Nurses, Educator & Health Professionals, 3rd ed. DeStefano-Lewis & Bear (2009).  ISBN 978-1-4160-3778-1

School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text. Selekman (2006).  ISBN 0-8036-1403-9